-D- as in discipline

Ok- so I’ve been procrastinating for quite some time about starting my 3 year journey.

Recent events make me grateful I am doing this on my own–I had a scholarship for network certifications that fell through when the company went out of business, but luckily I was already started with plan P…CWNP that is! You’ll find a lot of information on the CWNP website for the four exams (objectives included) and a great forum. If the journey interests you, I also suggest you get involved in the Wi-Fi community. Lots of these folks are very active on Twitter and through various podcasts and events, be they vendor neutral or not. They love a good laugh and you can always count on them for tips, pats and technical opinions. I’ll mention them as I go along.

Like a lot of other exams, it will be tempting to prep by reading the book and hitting the practice tests. I am trying to refrain from overdoing the later since I read on the CWNA forum that the exam is brutal for someone who expects the real test to be like the practice. Eventually I’ll give them a try, but for now, I’ll stick to documenting my journey through the exam objectives, just like I was trying to teach them to a coworker.

My goal is to be done within the next two months as I have to recertify my CCNP R&S by early fall. Then I’ll move on to the three remaining exams. I am going to try hard to be disciplined and get everything done in a timely manner while juggling work, family and life.

Wish me luck, and courage.

A word of warning: English is my second language so structure and wording might not be those of a native speaker but you have my word: I’ll try to do my best.